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#39/52: A Quick Hello

Can you see the rainbow?! Not so obvious but still so pretty! Always pretty!! Itu pelangi yang saya liat dua minggu lalu waktu main ke pantai sama Abang dan Gide! Orang bilang abis ujan suka ada pelangi tapi ini kebalikannya, pelanginya muncul duluan baru abis itu ujan. Calm before the storm might be the right phrase for it ... But again, doesn't matter when the storm come, after or before the rainbow, just remember God's love is always there to sustain us! :)
How are you people?!
Hello from #MAMAYUKERO!! Been neglecting this blog for this and that reasons, mostly since the little cheeky boy is getting more and more active and decided to spend more time with him before school starts next year.  However, I'll be back to give you lots of stories, updates, and everything! I have everything jotted down in my notebook and looking forward to share it with you guys! Serasa ada yang nyariin aja ya?! HOHOHO ..  To be honest with all the snap and upload t…

4 Plates and 2 Bowls

Ini bukan nama restoran atau tempat nongkrong baru tapi itu jumlah piring dan mangkok yang ada di lemari piring kami. Ciyus kakaknya?! Iya! Oh well, ada piring sama mangkok Gide juga sih dan beberapa mangkok kecil, ada beberapa piring besar yang masih dibungkus koran sejak pindahan, tapi basically those four plates and two bowls are the one that we use on our daily basis and it's more than enough since there are only three of us in the house ..
Udah hampir 4 bulanan sejak kita pindah ke rumah yang sekarang yang mana artinya udah sekitar 4 bulanan juga sejak kita melakukan prosesi buang buang buang! Yes, we're trying to minimizing our live, minimizing our stuff. Not to the extreme side but we're trying our best to keep whatever we need and use only dan dalam kasus saya itu termasuk urusan skin care dan make up! Dan baju, dan tas, dan sepatu! HAHAHA ...
Belakangan ini saya diingetin lagi untuk ngerasa cukup! Saya mah selalu kepengen ini itu tapi sekali lagi diingetin kalo …

When (you think) It's Over

My birthday celebration continued! IKR!!! HAHAHA .. Macam anak ABG yang gagal move on gitu lah ceritanyaaaa!!! Iya tau koq ini udah tengah - tengah bulan september, saya sadar cuma ya gitu deh, good memories meant to be shared :)
Verdict: AKU SHIOK! SANGAT AMAT!! TAPI BAHAGIA LALALA ... Thank you people!!! Laff laff!!

It was a fine Sunday when we went to church in the morning and had lunch at Songfa (again) HAHAHA ... Decided to go home ealier coz Abang was having this idea to explore the east coast area and had dinner there. Okelah yuk!! Gide was sleeping on the way home and fortunately he still continued to sleep for quite sometimes and as you know when your toddler was sleeping its better for you to do the same thing also! Cus langsung ganti baju terus kita semua ngedeprok di kasur dan sofa! Berterbaran lah dimana - mana HAHAHA ...
Woke up with this hungry feeling and asked Abang what should we had for dinner but this guy wasn't giving me any responses at all! I was suggesting…

When Age Will Always Be A Number

August may be over but there was some good memories left behind, especially that particular week when you turned 33! I hit the twin digits! Kaching!!! So yeah here we are again, the annual birthday post HOHOHO ;)

I remembered I was posting Gide's second birthday bash when the clock hit 12am! I didn't purposely stay awake on that day it just happened to be that the boys went sleep early and my fingers were busy dancing on the keyboard. Another thing, in your 30s you don't really expect somebody to come to your house at midnight, bring cake, and sing the birthday song ..  you might had been sleeping during that time HAHAHA ... A prayer thanking God for everything that I have now was a start to enter the new age! For the past, the present, and the future ahead! Thank you, Jesus!!!
And then I went straight to bed! Faktor U, sodara - sodara!!! HAHAHA
The next morning, woke up with greetings and kisses from husband and our bundle of joy too, Gide! "Hedei nyunyu, Mami!!&quo…

#34/52: A Week Full of Laugh

... and love! And tumpeng! HOHOHO ;)

The past two weeks had been crazily tiring yet fun! In conjunction of celebrating our independence day, our youth group decided to throw a small celebration called "Jang Moeda" and me who always feel young at heart decided to join the dance troop (again) to do an opening number! It always feel good to be back at the dance floor though the practice sessions were quite challenging since Gide came along and always asking me to play with him but we made it at the end! High five, Gide!

The dress code on that day was 'indo banget' and decided to wear my one and only batik top that freshly handed to my hand on that day from MerryPipin, an online shop based in Bandung! Nuhun pisan, mami Pena! Ayaflu! Changed my dance outfit to this top and I was in love! So yes #OOTD ya lah! Pas hari itu berasa cakep! HAHAHA ...
That night we were spoiled by having nasi tumpeng, mpe - mpe, and martabak for the dessert! Bahagia lalala rasanya! Mpe - mpenya…

Little Mr Copy Cat

"Gide, ayo itu puzzlenya diberesin dulu"
"Mami aja!"

"Enak aja! Gide yang maen ya Gide yang beresin donk"
"Sama mami ya .. Sama Gide juga"

"Ya udah, sama - sama ya!"
"Okay, Mami"

"Gide, fix this letter a please!"
"Ga bisa mami! Mami coba! You can do it!"
"Kamu yang coba! Bisa bener bilang you can do it segala!"

Haish! Makin jago nawarnya sekarang! Pasti ini nurun dari bapaknya HAHAHA ... My baby is already 26 months old! Kecepetan kamu gedenya, De! And true enough he's in the copy cat mode on. Semua yang dia liat, dia denger, dia perhatiin somehow diikutin, .. ada kalanya yang kita ajarin tapi ada juga yang bikin kita cekikikan ngeliat kelakuan ini bocah, bisa bikin geleng - geleng kepala sendiri. 
Selain bisa ngikutin ini itu, si Gide ini juga udah makin pinter kalo mau minta ini itu. Udah bisa request mau makan apa, mau pake sepatu apa. Bisa request artinya bisa protes juga, bisa ngambek, bisa pura…