When Age Will Always Be A Number

August may be over but there was some good memories left behind, especially that particular week when you turned 33! I hit the twin digits! Kaching!!! So yeah here we are again, the annual birthday post HOHOHO ;)

I remembered I was posting Gide's second birthday bash when the clock hit 12am! I didn't purposely stay awake on that day it just happened to be that the boys went sleep early and my fingers were busy dancing on the keyboard. Another thing, in your 30s you don't really expect somebody to come to your house at midnight, bring cake, and sing the birthday song ..  you might had been sleeping during that time HAHAHA ... A prayer thanking God for everything that I have now was a start to enter the new age! For the past, the present, and the future ahead! Thank you, Jesus!!!

And then I went straight to bed! Faktor U, sodara - sodara!!! HAHAHA

The next morning, woke up with greetings and kisses from husband and our bundle of joy too, Gide! "Hedei nyunyu, Mami!!" ... They prayed for me and I know I'm one blessed wife and mother to have this two in my life! Laff laff!

The day went usual as Abang was getting ready to the office and Gide being Gide minta makan! HAHAHA ... Before leaving, Abang passed me this envelope with my name on it and telling there will be a delivery guy coming to our house. The envelope turned out to be my puzzle birthday card that took me forever to finish it because Gide was there happily becoming a volunteer to help me to fix the puzzle. "No, Mami .. Salah! Jangan donk, Mami! Gide aja!" Rauwis - uwis jadinyaaa!!!

Nearly one hour, Abang texted me telling that the delivery guy was reaching soon. I had no expectation since knowing my husband! Yup, he's that secretive! Apa gw aja yang terlalu naif ya?! HAHAHA .. The phone rang so I pressed the buttons to let him go up and guess what?! MY DEAR HUSBAND WAS THERE!!! 

He tricked me!!! He just getting ready as usual and turned out he went to supermarket to get this 'Gees' Pack' according to him! 

Watermelon, Cheetos Cheese Puff, Orange juice, Kitkat, Blackcurrant and Mixed berries Ricolla! He was laughing while I was stunning and sedikit mewek! HAHAHA ... "HAHAHA Delivery, Mam!! HAHAHAHA ... Happy birthday, Gee! Aku ga kerja hari ini! Bener kan ini semuanya kamu banget! HAHAHA" .. I'm truly married to a guy who was born on Valentine's day!! 

Spending my birthday with this two gentlemen was priceless! Going for swimming, eating my favorite minced meat and tofu for lunch and having dimsum as dinner as requested by the birthday girl! 

"Gee, pilih ya mau makan apa hari ini! It's your day! Aku ikutin kamu aja pokoknya"
"Aku mau minced meat with tofu"
"Seriusan?!! Itu mah kapan aja bisa!"
"Iya aku mau itu aja!!"

"Yauda ntar aku naek sepeda beliin .. Dinner mau apa?"
"Mau swee choon!"
"Seriusan lah?! Masa makan swee choon?!"
"HAHAHA .. Beneran! Lagi pengen makan bubur!"
"Ga pengen yang laen?! Chillis? Tony Romas? Apa lah apa lah?"
"Ga ah! Lagi kepengen makan bubur sama dimsum"
"Beneran Gee?"
"Iya beneran!"
"Sushi?! Kalo ga itu kesukaan kamu tuh, saboten?"
"Bubur aja, sayang!"
"Tim Ho Wan aja gimana, bagusan dikit kan lagi birthday!"
"Oke lah! Tim Ho Wan"

Later on that night, I got another surprise! A hamburger cake! Thank you, Beck!!! You know me that well!! Sarangheo!!! *insert heart shape* Closing my day by having beef burger as my supper! Shiok lah!

Guess what?! Turned out it didn't stop there! Few days later, another not your typical birthday cake was given by my lovely cell group family! BAKE cheese tart! HAHAHA .. Udah pada afal kayaknya kalo saya ga makan kue! Saya makannya daging! HAHAHA .. But BAKE cheese tart is exception! Lengkap dengan kipas angin sebagai hadiah ulang tahun yang dirikues sama saya! HAHAHA .. "Ini sih kadonya sih emak - emak banget loh!" kata anak - anak. Ya gimana donk, emang udah jadi emak - emak dan kipas angin saya liat sebagai kebutuhan primer! Biar berasa adem kalo lagi hairdryer-an gitu! #menujumamakece2017 masih berlaku! HAHAHA ... Thank you the royals! I'm one blessed sister to have all of you! :)

My wish for this year?! To age wisely and gracefully! Mantap siaaaaa!!!!! Again and again, I'm grateful for all what I have now! Thank you again, Jesus! Thanks to you too husband! Thank you for keeping up with me trough sunny and rainy! And thanks to you too Gide! That hedei nyunyu song was music to my ear!! Me laff laff you all much much much!! Sekali lagi, thank you Jesus!!! I'm one highly favored daughter of yours! :)

People say, age is just a number and I say it will always be another number! Another number to showcase God's goodness in your life! So yeah, happy birthday to me! And welcoming 33 with proud! Booya!!!*wink*


  1. Weeeuuuwwww.....romantis pisan euuuyy si Ray.....

    1. hiihihi ya begitulah suami saya hihihihi *jadi malu* HAHAHA


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