When (you think) It's Over

My birthday celebration continued! IKR!!! HAHAHA ..
Macam anak ABG yang gagal move on gitu lah ceritanyaaaa!!! Iya tau koq ini udah tengah - tengah bulan september, saya sadar cuma ya gitu deh, good memories meant to be shared :)

Verdict: AKU SHIOK! SANGAT AMAT!! TAPI BAHAGIA LALALA ... Thank you people!!! Laff laff!!

It was a fine Sunday when we went to church in the morning and had lunch at Songfa (again) HAHAHA ... Decided to go home ealier coz Abang was having this idea to explore the east coast area and had dinner there. Okelah yuk!! Gide was sleeping on the way home and fortunately he still continued to sleep for quite sometimes and as you know when your toddler was sleeping its better for you to do the same thing also! Cus langsung ganti baju terus kita semua ngedeprok di kasur dan sofa! Berterbaran lah dimana - mana HAHAHA ...

Woke up with this hungry feeling and asked Abang what should we had for dinner but this guy wasn't giving me any responses at all! I was suggesting just to order pizza and had movie night at home but again this man didn't give any responses and it started to annoy me! Mami yang laper itu bahaya! HAHAHA ... 

Out of the blue, our phone rang and Abang said it was our friend cum neighbour CK who called wanted to give back the mattress and I was like "Haduh si CK yaaaa simpen aja di rumah dia kenapa sih?! Ribet bener dah!!"

Abang went to open the door and there they were .. Gerombolan siberat muncul bawa martabak sambil nyanyi happy birthday! Saya lagi sibuk mau insta story terus bengong terus mewek!!! Iya saya segitu cengengnya!!! HAHAHA .. Ah tau gitu saya ga apus make up yaa, biar tetep keliatan kece sedikit walopun bajunya kucel. Ya kali Gill?!!! H E L L O!!!

Cut the story short, it was such one crazily fun night!! Mulai dari joget dangdut sampe agnes monica kuar semua. Ini baru minum green tea aja udah pada high HAHAHA ... Tetangga yang kena semprot ternyata udah berbaik hati booking function room juga buat pada ngumpul. Nasi ayam cabe ijo udah disiapin buat bikin saya adem (baca: ga laper lagi) terus martabak berlimpah ruah juga! Yaowoh!! I feel so much loved!!! So blessed I can't contain it!! Malem itu saya fix pipinya pegel karena ketawa mulu dan hati saya juga fix meluap dengan ucapan syukur thanking for everyone in that room!! 

While typing this and looking back to all pictures and videos I just can't thank God enough for my life! My life is far from perfect yet His perfect love sustain me each and everyday so I can proudly say and testify that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! Amen!! :)

I'm surely one blessed human being surrounded by this loving people! and yeah let's age gracefully!!!! Booya!!!  

PS: If you follow my instagram, you knew I posted about another surprise that my favorite father-son duo gave me. Yup! That happening book! HAHAHA .. Wanting to borrow it from the library but happened to the waiting list is so long so me being me I just forget it and thinking to borrow it some other times in the future when the hype is cooling down, .. turned out my detail husband took it as an opportunity to  surprise me! It went well! Super well! Next time I have to be suspicious when he insisted to go down to the mail room at 10 pm with your son! HAHAHA .. Thank you Daddy and Gide!!! Btw Rai, .. your turn to read since I've finished all those two books! *sekalian kode lagi* HAHAHAHA ... 


  1. Happy birthday Gil!!!!!! Semoga bertambah bijak, tambah happy, tambah disayang Tuhan, Ray dan Gide.....hip hip hooraaahhh!!

  2. Aku tuh lupa deh udah ngucapin belom ya di IG cc, kalo belom... happy belated birthday mami Gide! Hayuk ci, minta dibeliin lagi buku baru hahaha :D

    1. Udah Jane :) hehehehe makasih lagi yaaaa hihihi ... iya nih penasaran yang rich people problems, antrian di library 50an .. ga sanggup! biarlah abang yang tergerak sendiri hatinya hahahaha


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