Caterpillar Buddy Go To Theatre

I was introduced to Eric Carle and his works during my teaching years here and I'm falling in love with it! I think everyone does! In fact my very first class' name was based on the titles of Eric Carle's books! Mine was Little Cloud back then! Please please do google and check Eric Carle's works!!

When Janne told me she won a giveaway and asking us to come along, I didn't think twice to say yes!  I can't resist the offer to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar story become life and furthermore, it's going to be Gide's first experience watching a play in theater. The real one! Excited!!! Okay, mami lebih semangat sih! HOHOHO  

And you know what even cuter?! Jojo was giving Gide a handmade caterpillar made of ice cream stick and pom pom balls with the googly eyes! Thank you so much, Josephine! Though by now, the caterpillar was a lit bit here and there since Gide was way to excited playing with it. But again, the thought that really count! Thank you again the Duduntas!!! 

Honestly, I had this little worry whether my son can sit still and enjoy the show since the play is intended for ages 3 - 6 and he is only 27 months. Guess what?! I was totally wrong and had no reason to be worry! Gide enjoy - enjoy aja cuma yang awalnya duduk sendiri, lama - lama pindah minta dipangku sama mami.

"Mami, Gide mau duduk mami!"
"Loh?! Ini kan bangku Gide! Duduk aja di sini sendiri"
"Ga usah! Duduk mami aja!"
"Okay duduk sama mami"
"Emeleon (chameleon) liat Gide eyesnya" 

Oalah jadi anaknya baper! Ada bagian dimana si Chameleon ini kepalanya bisa muter - muter dan dia ngerasa diliatin donk! HAHAHA .. Kamu koq kecil - kecil udah baperan, Nak! Baper itu cuma berlaku kalo ada orang makan indomie depan kamu! Eh?! Itu mah emang rakus ya bukan baper! HAHAHA ..

Anyway, the show itself run for about 45 minutes telling three stories of Eric Carles' Little Cloud, The Mixed Up Chameleon, and of course The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was presented by The Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Canada. 

It was supposed to the be a black light performance whereby all the room will be in pitch black and you can see the objects looking so real, moving here and there. Unfortunately an accident happen earlier to one of the puppeteer so they couldn't make it as the way it supposed to be but it's okay! They're doing their best to be professional and the most important thing, the children were so happy and amazed watching the play!

You can hear the uuus, aaass, and wows when the little cloud was forming to different shapes. You can also hear the shouting and cheering from the little audience when the chameleon turned into a funny creatures! And not to forget the excitement atmosphere in the room when they saw the caterpillar! We are not allowed to take any photos or record any video during the show but that's okay. We're there to enjoy the moment, to enjoy the show!

The play was held in Victoria Theater and for me it was my second time there. What I like about this place was the green grass field outside the building! Itu yes banget buat buibu macam saya yang anaknya lebih suka lari daripada jalan! HOHOHO ..So yeah, we let the children having their sweet own time running around, playing choo choo train, becoming aeroplane at the green grass field! Buang semua energinya! Bakar semua kalorinya! Biar tidur pules semua malemnya! HAHAHA ...

A little fun fact! Victoria Theater is one of the sites of historical trails during the Singapore's early days! We did walk the trails before when we had staycation at Fullerton Hotel when Gide was 5 months old. If you have chance to come here, do walk the trails and enjoy the other side of Singapore! 

As a closure to the fun day, we had chocolate ice cream and sushi before heading back home. Gide was nos-stop talking about the show on the way home, .."Ada caterpillar ya mami! Caterpillar makan apple, pear, strawberry, lollypop! Gide duduk mami! Gide nonton caterpillar sama Jojo, aunty Janne! Jojo share ice cream sama Gide!" .. And I know he had fun that day! :)