From Jalan Besar to Little India to Orchard Library

.. and ended up at Marina Square eating the Kolomee before heading home with aching body for mommy! Faktor U, sodara - sodara! Nyaw!! Oh, we actually did go to Holland Village to pay a visit to our favorite waffle hut but apparently it was raining like cat and dog so we kinda stuck in the MRT station! Ikr! We're like traveling around Singapore in one day! But that's what you do when your loved ones in town! You bring them around! And we're more than happy to play tourist which allow you to explore this little red dot over and over, and I still can't get enough of it! I thank God for you, Singapore! 

Btw, the route I shared with you was our day two! Pantang pulang sebelom kaki pengkor semboyan kita! HAHAHA ...

We started our journey that day by visiting Chye Seng Huat to have a sip of their coffee and filling our tummy to start the long day! But it didn't work for me so I had my mixed rice at the hawker opposite the place! And now I'm redeeeehhh!!!!! HAHAHA ...

That day we're busy bus hopping and MRT hopping! It was drizzling for a while in the morning then the sun was out but as I said earlier, the rain decided to make a come back and this time around was super heavy during in the afternoon ... but as long as you had a great companion with you, it didn't really matter! It did actually, but it made you felt better somehow ...

I was telling myself that I was wearing the wrong outfit that day! Should just wear shorts and t-shirt and bring along a cardigan to be ready with Singapore's galau weather! Macam anak abege gitu lah! Ntar gerimis, ntar panas, terus ujan deres, terus panas lagi .. HOHOHO ... 

Little India was getting ready for Deepavali celebration! It's colorful and crowded as usual but it gives you a different views, vibes, and experiences of Singapore! I didn't take much photos there as I was busy pushing the stroller and finding shelter HAHAHA .. Lepek aku, Mak! 

Gide was so excited when I was telling him that we're going to the library but sadly I had to crush his excitement when we found out that they don't have children's section over there. 

"Ga ada buku Gide ya?"
"Iya, di sini ga ada buku Gide! Buku mami sama daddy semua!"
"Buku Gide mana? Mau pinjem buku fish"
"Ga ada, sayang! Gide teminin mami liat buku mami aja yuk! Mau?"
"Okay, mami!"

It was one long and tiring day but again it depends who you spend your day with! Thanks Adys and Om Eki for babysitting Gide! Sering - sering yak! HOHOHO ...


  1. Salah fokus sama kerupuk kulitnya! Plus, itu tangannya pengen ta cokot deh :P

    What a fun day ci! Udah lama banget nggak ke Singapore, suatu hari kalo ke sana I'll contact you ya, plis bawa aku jalan-jalan hahaha

    1. hahaha sama suka pengen aku gigit juga!!! iya kalo maen ke sini kasih tau yaaaa .. ntar kita playdatesssss :) hug hug buat josh :)


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