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A Choo Choo Day at Kyoto Railway Museum

Dua kata buat Kyoto Railway Museum; Asik Ajib! Halah!! As you know when Abang planned #TheNananasJapanture itinerary, he was very mindful having the thoughts that the lil guy had the right to enjoy the trip as well. In this phase of stage Gide's world are full with cars, trains, airplanes, construction vehicles, robots, you name it! Boys stuff basically and what's the best place to satisfy his imagination rather than a train museum! While mommy got DisneySea, Gide had Kyoto Railway Museum ... And you know what, this museum was beyond our expectation!! Before we started our trip, we already told Gide that we'll be visiting a place full of trains and yes of course we didn't expect him to get the idea but when you saw him smiling ear to ear looking all the trains, you knew it was the right decision! To be honest, it's not just Gide who had the fun, all of us did indeed! Asik ajib sangat lah! Good choice, Daddy!!

The fundamental concept of our museum is to become the “…

A Shrine To Remember

We were in Kyoto, on our own way to Fushimi Inari Taisiha when I popped this question to him, ...
"Rai, kamu inget lagu yang sekarang atau lima puluh tahun lagi itu?" "Iya, tau ..." "Setelah aku pikir - pikir yang bikin lagu itu pasti dopaminnya lagi tinggi banget tuh" "Kenapa gitu?!" "Coba perhatiin liriknya, sekarang atau lima puluh tahun lagi kumasih tetap akan mencintaimu, terus dia lanjutin tak ada bedanya rasa cintaku, masih sama seperti pertama bertemu. Koq aku berasa pret banget ya! Masih tetap mencintaimu aku terima, tapi dibilang rasa cintanya masih sama saat pertama bertemu engga banget! HAHAHA .. Coba aku tanya kamu, gimana rasanya udah mau kawin 7 taon sama aku?" "Eneg!" "Tuh kan! HAHAHA .. Sama aku juga begitu! HAHAHA .. But seriously Rai, how does it feel?"
"Aku udah janji di hadapan Tuhan sama jemaat untuk pegang komitmen ini. Emangnya kamu, pas nikah salah baca janji nikah?! HAHAHA"
"Yeeeee d…

5 Things I learn in My #MAMAYUKERO Journey

Saya memang termasuk dalam kategori newbie dalam dunia #MAMAYUKERO, baru juga 2.5 tahun dan sebagai seseorang dengan latar belakang akademis Early Childhood Education, saya ngerasanya sedikit lebih "siap" buat menjalankan peran saya sebagai seorang ibu karena udah berbekal teori dan pengalaman ngajarin anak orang tapi kenyataannya eng ing eng dung dung ceng, kalo anak sendiri beda! Jeng jeng jeng!! HOHOHO ..
Just like the other moms out there, I was having my own struggle from fighting the baby blues, belajar menyusui, ngoprek - ngoprek dapur pas MPASI, belajar menerapkan disiplin, tentuin screen time, ngajarin gosok gigi, nyanyi - nyanyi macam radio rusak, belom acara misuh - misuh sendiri, dan segabruk endebre endebra laennya ... As we know, kids don't come with the manual book and so does parenting. Yes, I know there are lots of parenting books, seminar, and classes but you all know at the end of the day, we all, or at least me learning by doing. And googling! HAH…

One Pretty Foggy Day in Hakone

Hakone, a small town located less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo was our second stop during #TheNanasJapanture. This place is famous for their hot springs, the beautiful view across Lake Ashinoko, the sulfur mining in Owakudani, and not to forget that you can see the infamous Mount Fuji while taking the Hakone Ropeway ... And the picture above can't even justify its beauty, yes even in a foggy day! Too pretty!!
It was less than 2 hours smooth train journey for three of us to reach here and we're greeted by the cold windy weather from the moment we arrived there. I didn't mind at all remembering all those rainy days in Tokyo. Bye for now umbrella! HAHAHA #belagu
The first thing we did was looking for our Ryokan for that night so we can store our luggage and start exploring this little town. We bought Hakone Free Pass by Odakyu Railways which allowed us to enjoy unlimited journey of Odakyu affiliated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways and discounted tourist attra…