One Pretty Foggy Day in Hakone

Hakone, a small town located less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo was our second stop during #TheNanasJapanture. This place is famous for their hot springs, the beautiful view across Lake Ashinoko, the sulfur mining in Owakudani, and not to forget that you can see the infamous Mount Fuji while taking the Hakone Ropeway ... And the picture above can't even justify its beauty, yes even in a foggy day! Too pretty!!

It was less than 2 hours smooth train journey for three of us to reach here and we're greeted by the cold windy weather from the moment we arrived there. I didn't mind at all remembering all those rainy days in Tokyo. Bye for now umbrella! HAHAHA #belagu

The first thing we did was looking for our Ryokan for that night so we can store our luggage and start exploring this little town. We bought Hakone Free Pass by Odakyu Railways which allowed us to enjoy unlimited journey of Odakyu affiliated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways and discounted tourist attractions in the Hakone area. Ga perlu repot - repot beli tiket satuan buat naek ini itu atau masuk ke sini situ! Ini tiket all in one yang harus dikekep baik - baik HOHOHO ..


Our first stop for that day was Gora Park, a beautiful landscape located at Gora Station. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the entrance gate. I was like what so pretty about this place that Abang said it's one of the have-to-visit place in Hakone. Udah ga bikin itinerary terus sok bener lagi yak! But then when we finally made our way inside the park I was mesmerized by its beauty! Cakep bener!!! Too pretty!!! Makanya Gill jangan sok tau, udah ikut aja!! And of course Gide was having his own sweet time pushing his stroller here and there ...

Basically we're following the route of Hakone Ropeway to explore the area and the view from the cable care was breathtaking though it was foggy! And due to that fog, we couldn't see Fuji San who was hidden behind the fog .. Artinya harus balik lagi ya! Ammmmiiiiinnnnnn!!!

Our next pit stop was Owakudani, a sulfur mining. We were given wet towel to cover our nose because of the smell of the sulfur. Sukses membrainwash anaknya buat tutupin idung pake si anduk basah karena menurut saya baunya lumayan kenceng, but again the view was awesome! We didn't that much time there due to the smell of the sulfur, even me and Abang felt a bit dizzy because of it.

From mountain to the sea! From top to the bottom! Our next pit stop was taking cruise to cross the lake which took around 30 minutes and yes this one also included in our Hakone Free Pass ..

I would say pretty was the word of the day! Semuanya cantik! I bet it would be more beautiful when it's not foggy but again, it's better foggy than raining. Mendung cantik!!! Ahey!!!

We spent the night staying at a small Ryokan where they provided private onsen facility that we could use. For me it would be my first and last onsen experience. My body couldn't take the heat that well that caused me rashes and itchiness! Norak bener deh ya malah jadi gatel - gatel abis onse! HAHAHA ... What about Gide?! He was busy playing at the side of  the onsen pool since it was too hot for him as well. Sibuk doi maen pake baskom HOHOHO ...

That night was one truly memorable night since we had the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese lifestyle by sleeping on tatami floors and futon beds. They kept all the bedding in the cupboard and we had to set up our own 'bed' which consisted of layers of futon beds! Buat saya, cukup semalem saja! But it was a very good experience overall .. Boleh banget dicoba kalo ada kesempatan maen ke Hakone!

Ada yang hepi nemu tempat maen hide and seek! ;)

Hakone definitely win my heart for their beauty! It was a sweet short visit we had there and definitely going to cherish the memories we had there. Till we see you again, Hakone! :)


  1. seru ya nginep di rumah tradisional gitu.. lucu banget...

    1. seru tapi cukup semalem aja, enakan di kasur gw hahaha

  2. Viewnya cakep amat yg diatas gunung itu.
    Tempat nginepnya lucu, kaya di rumah Nobita. Cuma tidur di kasur tipis gitu pegel ngga sih?

    1. iya cakep yaaa kayak negeri di awan hohoho ... haha rumah nobita bener jugaaa .. iya mayan pegel mana dingin lagi, jdi semalem aja cukup terus bawa toddler kan dengan dinding2 yang ga tebel2 amat, parnoan jadinya ahaha


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