#48/52: Four Left

25 more sleeps to Christmas and 4 weeks left to another new year! Say what?! Say ALAMAK!!! Harus ngapain?! Berhentiin waktu, lambatin waktu, cepetin waktu, puter kembali waktu?! AH! Yang bener nikmatin waktu! Shedap shay!! Terus mendadak inget resolusi mau hidup lebih sehat yang mikirnya bisa berefek kepada penurunan berat badan, terus migren sendiri ngeliatin dobelcin HAHAHA ..

I was thinking if I were given additional one hour, one day, or even one month, .. So it's like 25/8 per day, 53 months per year, would still be the same thinking that time flies too fast and you know so much things to do yet so little time we have?! Would I?! I think it's still going to be same old same old, sami mawon! *sigh*

The past two weeks really just went like a blink! It started with our wedding anniversary which we went to Gide's future school to pay his school fee and had nasi padang for lunch, continued with grocery shopping, ended up in Nike outlet, and had this ice longan roseola as our closure to call it a day. After that, days were gone too fast! Events, meetings, house chores, play dates, .. and today we had our IKEA day with my favorite father-son duo! Second happiest place after Disneyland! HOHOHO ...

Planning to have a new Christmas tree after throwing away our mini one we got from Daiso during moving out few months ago but apparently didn't find the 'it' one! Ga dapet gitu feel-nya! Sok bener ya beli pohon natal aja musti pake feel. Roaming around here and there and scored nothing! Finally decided to make it DIY for this year! Semacam senang dan semangat tapi kalo dipikir cari repot sendiri juga! Haish! Tapi tetep semangat! Got the idea in my mind already and of course mommy's little helper need to be involved on this project! Yeay!! Meanwhile, I'm having another two projects going on so yup yup going to be a super busy bee this week, and with our last youth service cum Christmas celebration this weekend, I'm just hoping that my brain will coordinate perfectly with my body! *fingers crossed*

Despite all the running errands, I'm being reminded with these 3 questions after reading Keke's post ...
  1. What do you learn in 2017 in walking with Jesus?
  2. Where is Jesus in your story?
  3. What do you plan to do in 2018 in walking with Jesus?
And I'm zipped! Thinking hard! Feel embarrassed more because most of the time I'm the one who like to play God rather than let him be the one ... And when things don't go as I want baru deh! Manusia banget yak!! Dear Lord, guide me! No hold my hand tight so I number my days wisely, putting you where you're supposed to be in my life's story! To believe, to obey, to endure ...

Four weeks left! Chop chop chop!! :)


  1. time flies.. tambah lama emang tambah cepet rasanya...
    kita juga bakal busy this month.. but very very excited! :)

    1. hahaha kalian kapan ga sibuk, itu pertanyaannya hahaha :) semagnat semangat!

  2. Iya time flies too fast! Tau2 udah desember lagi 😲😲
    Padahal perasaan belom ngapa2in 🤔

    1. hahaha belom ngapa2in ya nad? apa kabar itu cafe2 yang loe datengin hahahaah ;)

  3. iya ya, ga berasa udah mau 2018 aja. time fliesssss
    g baca paragraf yang terakhir menohok bangettt. udah mau 2018 masih aja suka lupa diri :((

    1. hahah iyaaa, cepet banget!!!!! iya manusia keseringan lupa dirinya yaaaaa


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