Kyoto-chan, Aishiteru!

Call me bias but I think I left my heart in Kyoto! Among three cities we visited, I fell in love with Kyoto just like I did before with San Fransisco and Boston! Oops I did it again said Britney! Duile bawa - bawa Britney segala!! HOHOHO ... Tokyo was fun but it was very crowded while in Osaka we were having too much drama which I'm going to share it with you guys in separate post. Bukan salah si Osaka juga sih, cuma kalo diinget - inget lagi koq ampun dije banget yak! Salah siapa Gill?! HAHAHA .. Anyway, Kyoto truly a winner in my heart! 

Call me bias again but the weather did play a big role during traveling and as you can guess, we almost had zero rain while in Kyoto! I said almost! We had drizzling here and there just like when we visited Arashiyama, but rather than that I was more than happy to fold the umbrella. After having those wet days in Tokyo, it felt to good to have your clothes dry through out the day, and to let your child roaming around without having the thought of him getting cold .. Oh yeah! Kyoto scored again!

Still in my bias mode, I just felt everything here was more calming and soothing, .. or maybe it's because Kyoto is known as the city of 10.000 shines. When in Thailand you can do island hopping or church hopping in Europe countries, here is basically temple hopping ... And to my surprise, though each temples may look similar but somehow it reflects different energy and aura. Interesting! Not to forget the pretty garden at Tenryuji Temple ...

Wait! I think the calm and soothing applies to most of the temples but Fushimi Inari Taisha! But can't blame anyone since it's the number one tourist destination in Kyoto, even the first thing I told my husband was, "Aku mau ke tempat yang oren - oren itu, Rai!" Nyaw! Guilty as charged! HAHAHA ..

Or maybe it's because we enjoying ourselves too much at their shopping arcades and scored some local brands. Talking about local brands, it's like one of our traveling habits too to check on the local brands of the respective places we go, simply because you can't find it anywhere else. Yes, it's my husband's idea and he has my full support on this! HAHAHA ... We managed to buy couple watch! Family watch to be exact! The very same one for Daddy and Mommy and a classic Casio for Gide. Yes, it was his first watch. Lah aku dulu kecil kayaknya pake jam abal - abal koq ini anaknya udah pake Casio. Iri aja ya mami!! HAHAHA ...  He also scored some stuff from Daiso! Daiso FTW! 

A little story about Daiso, we were curious at their Daiso whether it's the all-same-price type like we have it here in Singapore. We did pay a visit at one of their branches there and apparently not everything at the same price and they also have additional tax for every purchase. That day Daddy asked Gide to choose whatever he like. My mother brain was working and I suggested to Daddy to let him choose one thing only so he would learn to appreciate things more rather than we paid a lump sum for so many things and Daddy agreed! Sebenernya ini lebih ke trik juga sih, kayak kasih reward buat Gide for behaving so well during the day. Gide lebih banyak belanja lah pokoknya! Btw, he chose a transportation themed puzzle on that day ...

"Are you done?! Shall we go to the cashier and pay for it?"
"Gide mau bayar ya?"
"Iya, Gide yang bayar! Tuh ambil dari Daddy uangnya"

And guess what! The moment he received the money from his dad which was a 100 Yen coin, he immediately put the puzzle away and wanted to keep the money inside his pocket! Tepok jidat!

"Gide mau coin! Ini ga usah!"
"Ehhhh jangan!! Sini - sini kasih mami ayo bayar dulu"
"Ga usah! Coin aja!"
"Loh katanya mau puzzle! Bayarnya pake coinnya"
"Gide mau simpen coin"

Ampun dije bener deh ini satu! Somehow my son is in the phase of  thinking that coins are very precious and furthermore he like the idea of keeping it inside his pocket! Setengah dipaksa saya ambil koinnya dan buru - buru bayar ke kasir dan langsung kasih dia belanjaannya! Emang anak kecil tuh gampang dibikin bahagianya yah. Begitu dapet kantong belanjaannya, doi lupa sama koinnya, ... sampe dia liat bapaknya nguarin koin lagi! Anakku oh anakku! *sigh*

I think I know why I love Kyoto more! It's because we have our KFC here! Yash! Not only that, we also had our Ippudo bowls and thank God there were only two people before us ... Ga lama abis kita dateng, antriannya langsung meng-uler! First timer trying Ippudo and we like it! Price wise reasonable and cheaper than the one in Singapore .. You know somehow they make it become so atas here, better go to Ramen Champion at Bugis Plus if I may say ..  

Or maybe because of the railway museum we went, or the crowded yet memorable Inari Taisha with all the street food along the entrance. Or it simply maybe because this city is just too pretty to be ignored, be it day or night .... And I just fell for you like that!