Our (handy) Christmas Tree

11 days to Christmas and our Christmas tree is up! Yeay yeay yeay!!! Oh well, may not be your typical Christmas tree after all but nothing can compare the joy of accomplishing another DIY project! Proudly present to you, our handy Christmas tree!!! *kembang api dhuar dhuar dhuar* HOHOHO ... And yes it's a hanging Christmas tree by the way! Up on our living room wall! ;)

Just like our wreath, we intentionally to let his tiny hands to be part of our DIY project! The very same hands that hold our heart. Gide was so excited when I brought my art and craft box. He surely know that his mommy was going to do some fun yet messy stuff with him, but little did he know that I was about to paint his hand green! Aha!!!

"Kita mau cip cip cip ya, Mami!"
"Iya, we're going to have some painting session! But this time around I'm going to paint your hand. Ntar mami mau cat tangan Gide!"
"Oh gitu ya? Cat tangan Gide ya?"
"Iya! Mau buat Christmas tree dari tangan Gide!"
"Oh Christmas tree ya?"
"Are you ready?"

"Cip cip cip" is his lingo of saying painting session! A little story behind that, we were doing some sponge painting and I was using the term "cip cip cip" when I dabbed the sponge on the drawing block and ever since that he always use the word "cip cip cip" whenever we use paint for our activity. Padahal maksudnya mami tuh biar menarik gitu, jadi pas sponge-nya ditempelin ke kertas macam ada sound effectnya, eh ya jadi itu yang nempel di kepalanya dia! HAHAHA ... And lately, he like to use this "Oh" word in front of his sentence. Ga tau siapa yang ngajarin juga but it always go like this, "Oh, mau minum ya", "Oh yang blue ya", "Oh mami mau makan bakmi ya" .. Oh ini dan Oh itu! Sak karepmu lah, De!!

"Gide geli, Mami!"
"Is it ticklish? Geli ya?"
"Iya, geli! Wow! Tangan Gide green!"

This adorable little elf was talking non-stop during our painting session! I truly had no idea how many hand printing did we make on that day, cat-tempel-cat-tempel-repeat on that day! To my surprise he didn't complain at all, he seemed enjoying it very much. Lucu kali ya berasanya tangan jadi ijo - ijo gitu terus tempel - tempel ke kertas! Basically that afternoon our floor was covered with green hands HOHOHO ... The next thing was cutting those hand prints one by one! Anggep aja latihan motorik halus buat mami senam otot jari yah! Sejujurnya sempet pengen udahan aja abis kesannya bikin repot diri sendiri ya tapi ngeliat anaknya semangat nungguin, terus tiap abis gunting buru - buru bantuin buangin kertas yang ga kepake bikin maminya jadi semangat lagi!! Hoohaaaa!! Semangat mami!!!

My initial plan was to put not only Gide's hand but three of us together, but again kayaknya tangan anaknya lebih lucu dan enak diliat daripada tangan bapak emaknya jadi ya udah tangan anaknya aja, toh yang punya tangan juga seneng - seneng aja. Umh, I did try to paint my hand terus begitu liat hasilnya berasa horor sendiri! Gede amat yaaa! HAHAHA ... And actually, we had another "cip cip cip" session in some other days since we didn't have enough hands to create the tree and again he was more than happy to let his hand being painted

The next thing in my mind was how to decorate this tree! Sempet kepikir mau pasangin slinger atau bola - bola natal yang kecil cuma koq kayaknya kurang sreg gitu ya! Finally when we got this small LED light, I knew this was the one!

Thank you Auntie Bombie for the LED light, thank you Auntie Manda for helping mommy to arrange those hands since mami pas pertama kali pasang jadinya miring ke kiri! HAHAHA .. Thank you daddy udah jadi mandornya Auntie Manda! HAHAHA ... Thank you Gide for lending your hands! Last but not least, thank  you Jesus for creating this Chirtmas season!!! :)

So yeah project numero dos is done!!! Christmas tree is up! Yeah yeah yeah .. Umh urusan nyopotinnya ntar taon depan aja lah yah mikirinnya, sekarang dinikmati dulu!! HAHAHA ...


  1. Lucu pohon natalnya, Ci. Kamu kreatif amat sihhhhh.


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