The Door With That Wreath

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post, we decided to have some DIY projects for Christmas this year and project numero one is done! Yeah yeah yeah!! 18 days left till Christmas and our DIY Christmas wreath is up! Wohooo!!! Thanks to my little elf who was more than happy to help mommy *kiss kiss Gide*

I shall call this year's Christmas project: TINY HANDS THAT HOLD OUR HEART! What a long title! Tapi tetep ditulis! HAHAHA ... The title is inspired from the one who has the tiniest hands in the house, Gide Pardede!!! This Christmas will be our third Christmas together as a family of three and as time goes by we are feeling more than grateful for this little man in our family. We can truly taste and see God's endless love and goodness trough him. Yup! Surely he hold our heart! Tightly!!! The other reason, I want Gide to involve directly in our Christmas project and what else better than having this tiny hands all around the house, ... errr in a good and proper way of course! HAHAHA ... Btw, thanks pinterest for the idea! Me laff you, Pinterest! ;)

What do you need to make CHRISTMAS WREATH ala #TheNananas
  • Green construction papers in different shades
  • Red construction paper for those little dots
  • Glue
  • Glitter 
  • Gide's tiny hands
  • Tutup panci - ini murni ide saya bukan pinterest! ;)
Sempet kepikiran tangan mami juga ikutan cuma koq kayaknya jadi kurang lucu ya! Macam besar banget gitu! Sok lah tangannya si Gide aja! HOHOHO ... 

The execution is easy peasy! Basically all you need to do is just trace your children's hand and cut the outline accordingly. The tracing part is fun but the cutting part is kinda aching and boring since it's been a while mommy having major art and craft session HAHAHA ... After all the cuttings you just need to arrange those cut outs to form a nice circle and paste it. Nah di sini tutup panci berperan penting buat saya! Pas nyusun kayak tinggal geser - geser jadi deh tapi pas giliran mulai nempelin koq jadinya agak peyang gimana gitu ya. Hadeuh hadeuh! Mikir gimana supaya bisa bagus bentuk lingkarannya akhirnya kepikiran pake si tutup panci and it works!! Oh yeah! Bahagia bener rasanya!!!

Once it all settled, cut small circles using the red construction paper, add some glitters and paste in on your wreath, and voila!! Your wreath is super done!! HOHOHO ...

Project numero uno is done and soon going to share our second, third, and fourth project in this Christmas! Senang tapi cape tapi senang tapi cape! Terus apa kabar itu postingan jalan - jalannya yang belom kelar - kelar?! Ya begitulah!!! HAHAHA

I believe some of us are already busy with all the Christmas thingy From Christmas shopping to early celebration, planning holidays, decorating the Christmas tree, you name it all! It goes the same way with us! But forget not that He is the reason for the season! His love! 

By the way, if you find a door with this kind of wreath, it could be our house :)


  1. Seruuu benerrr... Bagi satu ya nanti.. Pintu kami masih polosss..huhu


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