The February Issue

Time flies so fast when you're having fun! Familiar with this quote?! In my case time flies so fast just like that!! Either you're having fun or not! Ini bacanya dengan nada riang gembira ya, jangan dengan nada sarkasme, karena ya kenyataannya emang begitu HOHOHO ... And by that March is almost over and April is coming soon but there are still some memories from the month of February that I want to share! 

When the Alpha in the house turns 35 and you want something special to celebrate it, you gathered those who were stranded in this little red dot during the first day of Chinese New Year and and celebrated it with liwetan plus plus! And martabak of course! And chili galore!! Coz we're Indonesian! HAHAHA ... So the main idea was just having a small surprise birthday luncheon for him but expect nothing when friends turned into family were there and made it super duper special and extravagant! Niatnya cuma mau liwetan dengan ayam panggang dari supermarket, cumi cabe ijo, beserta timun, sambel, dan kerupuk eh yang ada itu nasi ga keliatan karena ketutupan sama lauk yang bujubile banyaknya! Plus ada indomie juga! HOHOHO ... Surely it was one fine Friday filled with lots of love and laughter!! #REMUNDOSACAPGO! That the hashtag for it! :)

And the celebration didn't stop there! Actually it was the second celebration on that week since we had the first one on his actual birthday!! Tiup lilin terus!! Furthermore, we went to the zoo on the following week since they're having buy one get one for residents who celebrating their birthday. It was our second Singapore Zoo trip with Gide. The very first one was when he was 3 months old! Aha!!! What a week of celebration!!!

It's been more than one month but allow me to wish you the happiest birthday ever, Daddy!! Thank you for always pointing me back to Jesus and being a better version of you each and everyday! We laff you!!!!! :)

Another highlights of that month, Ona was here! Actually we were asking a favor from my mom to fly here so Daddy and Mommy could become trolls for a night! Yup!!! It was Abang's annual company dinner or known as Dinner & Dance, and this year's theme was colour! He's been going solo for the past two years ever since Gide was born coz we don't have anyone to look after him. So this year he was asking me whether I would like to accompany him again ... and I would love too of course! As Mrs Trolls!!! And knowing my mom, she's more than happy to be in the airplane!! It was another fine Friday where our table won the best dress and at the same time Gide and Ona were having fun at home, or in other words he's spoiled by new toys and more screen time HAHAHA ... Ya sekali - kali maminya mah merem aja lah! 

What else in February?! Gide had his first Korean BBQ buffet! HAHAHA ... Anak mami sudah siap lah memasuki dunia per-all-you-can-eat-an, tapi di satu sisi emak bapaknya udah mulai ga kuat! Engap cuy baru makan sedikit! Faktor U!! Oh! Attending our dear Hendra and Natalia's wedding and what a joyful occasion that day!! Not to forget it's the month of my dad and my sis' birthday also! Iya borongan lah pokoknya! Paket hemat! HAHAHA ... I managed to finish Kwan's third  book of rich series and loving it! Last but not least, we launched @resepona! Taking my mom's homemade noodle to another level!! Yihaaa!!!! Difollow ya, kakaknya!! :)

As we're heading into the fourth month of the year I'm really wishing everybody is in a good health and heart condition! Heart condition matters! Baper baper go away! Shoo shoo!!! Gathering the good vibes only and shooing away the negative vibes! Have a great long weekend, people! And let's remember once again how God love us so much trough this Good Friday and Easter week!!! I'm one wretch that grateful for His amazing grace and love!!!  Sending super warm hug to everyone out there!! Hakuna Matata! ;)


  1. mana foto liwetannya?? selalu seneng ngeliatin foto liwetan... seru kayaknya. hehehe.

    1. pertanyaan bagus! ntar dicari dulu foto liwetannya hahahaha, ada cuma koq ya lupa masukin ya hahaha ;)


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