Same Same but Different

Isn't it the Art Corridor at the Keppel Centre for Art Education? Ke tempat itu lagi, Gill?! Ho'oh!! Yes!! It marked our XX visit to National Gallery!!! Mommy lost count already lah!! Udah jadi pelanggan tetap kita!! But this time around we came with a special mission, to take a look at the new face of Art Playscape after its makeover!! Apparently, the Art Corridor was getting some makeover too! It's similar with the previous one but this time the tetrahedron; that's what they called it, come in soft fluffy texture! Dari kemaren pas ke sini bilangya segitiga doank! Same - same but different lah! ;)

The last time we went there was in February with Ona and as I said earlier, the Art Playscape was closed due to the the renovatio and we're so looking forward to see the upcoming setting. Is it going to be as dreamy as the previous one, or it's going to be something different? Penasaran!!! And finally they're reopening the space and we had a chance to visit their new face during the term break. This time around we went there with some friends for a playdate! Yeah!! Ya walopun balik kesini lagi tapi kan same - same but different tetep! HOHOHO :)

Honestly, one of the reasons why I love going back to this place is because of their enchanted forest and I was hoping for something as dreamy as it is when I heard about the renovation. Apparently my dream don't come true this time. They decided to have something really new with the Art Playscape this time. This one no same same but different! Totally different!!
"Step inside this fantastical city, explore unusual perspective and encounter cities within cities. What can you see and what sound can you hear? Discover the relationship between light, object and space, search for miniature cities and be captivated by colours and shapes as you explore Wandering in Black and White by Tan Ling Nah"

Yes! You're looking at the new installation at the Art Playscape, ... and I'm officially missing the enchanted forest. Aku kangen sama si lily pad, si beruang, si kelinci yang naek sepeda jugaaaa ... and I miss the center piece cum slide! I bet Gide miss it too!! Sok tau aja maminya! HOHOHO ... Tapi tetep ya kita harus belajar menghargai karya seni orang lain walopun kadang kita berasanya meh atau ga sesuai sama selera kita, tapi saya yakin instalasi yang baru ini juga lahir dari suatu pemikiran yang mendalam, beserta visi misi yang dipikirkan secara matang, bukan yang asal buat aja gitu. Cuma ya itu, saya rasa saya udah terlalu biasa sama yang sebelumnya dan butuh waktu saya lebih lama buat menikmati yang baru ini, but I'll try! I promise!!! Have to get out from the comfort zone!

This new look totally giving different vibes and atmosphere. Children were encourage to use their imagination to 'explore' the city, to play with all the structures, to learn about sound, ... while mommy was trying her best to capture the moments and hopefully would get some OOTD shots but it never happen apparently. Ya sudah lah!! HAHAHA ... In my honest opinion, saya rasa konsep ini lebih cocok untuk anak yang lebih besar, mungkin sekitar 4 - 5 tahun, sementara yang Gide saya perhatiin cukup menikmati space yang ada. Lari sana lari sini, naek tangga, turun tangga, ... Burn baby burn!

The rest or the area of Keppel Centre for Art Education more or less still the same. You still can find the Project Gallery with those magical underwater installation, the workshop rooms. Same - same but different lah! HOHOHO ... Definitely will come back again to this place as it is one of my favorite places in Singapore HOHOHO.. You'll see something same - same but different in my future post! Aha!!! And again, one of my recommendations for those of you who is planning to visit Singapore!

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  1. AAAKKK pengen banget ke SG jadinya! Hahaha rasanya there are so many places that I can visit with Mireia and she'll be happy! Hahahaha

    1. yuk sis mari! apa perlu saya komporin lagi di grup?! HAHAHA ;)

  2. Halo Gill, Salam kenal.
    Makasih buat reviewnya. Bisa jadi referensi buat bulan depan ke Singapore. Anak umur 1 setengah tahun bisa kan ya dibawa ke sini?

    1. Halo juga!! :) Iyaaaaa bawa ke sini ajaaaa ... tapi bisa cek2 dulu ke websitenya, siapa tau pas suka ada exhibition gitu tambah seru :) buat aku good exposure to art buat anak :)


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