One Special Monday at the Museum

We're back to our museum days in this little red dot! And this time to celebrate Gide's third birthday! What a way to celebrate his special day! Ahoy!!! We did have a small celebration at home during the weekend but since his actual birthday fell on Monday we're thinking to have something different on that day ...

Our first destination of the day was Singapore Art Museum (SAM) at 8Q .. Booyah! Thank you for Mr Sun who showed up during the whole day and made our day!! Sejujurnya lebih ke arah panas membara sih cuma ya sejujurnya lebih baik begitu daripada ujan karena sungguh bakal lebih ribet wara - wiri kesana kemarinya. Banyak maunya bener yak! HOHOHO ...

SAM are having its annual Imaginarium exhibition and the theme for this year is Into the Space of Time. The exhibition is held from 6 May - 26 August 2018 at SAM at 8Q and cost you $6 for adults, $3 for students and senior citizens, and free for children under six and both Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Free entry to SAM at 8Q every Friday from 6pm to 9pm and in Open House days, ... so feel free to arrange your itinerary to pay a visit to this place ..

Just like its name, basically you'll see art installations all across the four floors and in my honest opinion sometimes you don't really need to understand the idea or the concept behind an art piece, all we need to do is just appreciate and enjoy within our level ... and yes of course taking pictures are allowed but again try to read a lit bit more in order to appreciate the artist. Enough with the pep talk, Gill! What about bringing children there? For me as simple as exposure! Iya kita sih anaknya gitu aja!! Let their senses be exposed, let their emotion be stimulated, let their mind be wandered, let their imagination gone wild ...

You see all the murals as our background picture?! It's created by Ronald Apriyan, a painter who works and lives in Yogyakarta. Iya karya anak bangsa!! Bangga rasanya!!! The title of his artwork is called "Sing of Life" and those murals are inspired by his fond memories of his childhood songs; Satu satu aku sayang ibu, naik naik ke puncak gunung, and bintang kecil! Hey, that's my childhood nursery rhymes too btw!!! There are three murals in total that displayed at SAM .. Hint: you can find the other mural on my previous post *wink*

Beside Ronald Aprian, there are more both local and international artists whose works are being displayed during this exhibition like Lee Mei Ling, Mayuko Kanazawa, Boedi Widjaja, Matthew Sia, and some more and each artwork is very unique and interesting. There are also short films that being played in Moving Image Gallery at level 2 .. Btw, I almost fell asleep here coz the place was so cozy! Emang dasar pelor aja anaknya sih! HOHOHO ...

We had good time exploring SAM on that day and as Gide grow older it's more fun to bring him around exploring museum since we can communicate better to explain him on what's going on, but at the same time he become more cautious about what he touch and feel, which is normal I guess. 

I am having hard time choosing my favorite artwork for this exhibition as I fell in love between Lee Xin Li's In our Time which is a illustration of Singapore's landscape, Momentarium by Stephane Mason where you can see your image being displayed on the glass jar, and last but not least Lee Mei Ling's Connect-the-Dots! Decision, decision ;)

Later on that day we also went to Singapore National Museum since they're having their Children Season as well but too bad he didn't manage to get a chance to play at the inflatable playground outside the museum because it was still to hot when we reached there and he fell asleep by the time we finished exploring the museum ...  

'Till our next museum date! ;)


  1. Yang foto bertiga difotoin siapa Gee? Biasanya museum gitu sepi-sepi aja apa rame apa biasa-biasa aja? hahaha

    1. Difotoin emak gw, ceh ;) tergantung harinya juga sih, kalo liburan sekolah biasa lebih rame .. pinter2 kita milih jamnya aja .. yuk mari kesini sama reia ;)


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